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Verdun Review: The First WW1 Multiplayer Shooter

Verdun is a multiplayer 1st-person shooter game by M2H and Blackmill games. Developers of the title were inspired by the legendary 1916 Battle of Verdun that took place on the Western Front during World War I. To experience the historically accurate gameplay, download Verdun for your PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, or Linux.

Graphics: 4.5

Though Verdun game was originally published in 2015, it looks incredibly realistic for an indie multiplayer project. Of course, it’s not as picturesque as Battlefield or Call of Duty but still makes a very good impression. Gore, dismemberment, and pints of blood look very realistically. Only character physics leave much to be desired. Sometimes soldiers do weird movements while shooting and crawling.

Gameplay: 5

Verdun gameplay consists of 4 modes. You can choose to join Entente or Central Powers. Each side requires 32 players for the battle to begin. In the Frontlines, you have to participate in turn-based combat with the purpose to capture and defend enemy sectors to win.

The Rifle Deathmatch offers you to experience a WWI Battle Royale. All players are allowed to use only a single weapon and several upgrades. Collect Career Points to purchase power-ups and upgrades, such as bayonets, and sniper scopes.

In the Squad Defense mode, you have to cooperate with other players to fight against endless waves of AI-driven enemies. All battleground maps from other modes are available here. It’s also the only mode of Verdun shooter game that can be played without the Internet.

All battles are very dramatic and chaotic. You have to master navigation through muddy trenches, shoot in a gas mask with poor visibility, and try to be the best tactician on the field. A good strategy is the only way to win the fight.

Controls: 4.5

Verdun latest version controls are brilliantly optimized for keyboard-plus-mouse and gamepad input. However, it’s not an average arcade multiplayer shooting range. The game requires you to experiment with the physics of your avatar and weaponry to get the most out of it. It’s rather challenging.

Replay Value: 4.5

Verdun full game allows you to experience 4 multiplayer modes with different objectives and to play against AI offline. You can earn points to become more competitive and purchase additional soldier skins. Unfortunately, there are not many customization options because of historical realism.


In general, Verdun is a great WWI multiplayer project. It presents realistic visuals with unique and challenging gameplay mechanics. If you want to experience fighting with 100-year-old rifles in muddy trenches risking to be smashed with bombs and to suffocate from chemical weapons, this game is for you. If you are afraid of blood, find another shooter. Just joking, you can turn the gore off!


Download Verdun to experience severe multiplayer fighting for life in World War I Western Front trenches.

Pros : Historically realistic weapons and uniform;
Challenging gameplay modes;
Well-made visuals and lighting;
Unique setting.

Cons : Weird character physics;
Minimal bugs.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.6

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