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Use Your Words

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Use Your Words Review: Hilarious Party Game

Use Your Words is a Quiplash-like zero-rule quiz game by Smiling Buddha Games. You can play this fun quiz with up to 6 friends and 1000 online spectators. Connect your mobile devices and try to be the wittiest player of all to gain more points than your opponents. You can download Use Your Words for PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 5

Use Your Words game presents 50-s style backgrounds, such as outdoor cinema, interview table, the truth detector, and the worktop. These vector images look very stylish and engage you to come up with witty jokes.

Gameplay: 5

Use Your Words gameplay consists of 4 quiz modes. Sub The Title Mode brings you to an outdoor car cinema. All movies in this club are foreign open-source pictures without subtitles. Characters on the screen speak Russian, Italian, Indian, and other languages and you have to think of new subtitles for them. The awkwardness of the result will definitely make everyone in the room laugh out loud. All players have to write their own sentences and rate opponents answers.

The Extra! Extra! mode allows you and other players to come up with new captions for various silly or weird photos. In the Blank-o-Matic, you have to fill gaps in sentences to make them funny. The final mode is called Survey Says. It requires all players to respond to 3 different phrases to make up jokes.

All the 4 modes follow each other, but you can also play quick games in a particular setting. Be careful while playing with children as Use Your Words quiz game may include controversial or adult content. You can avoid any inconveniences by activating the Family Mode.

Controls: 5

For this Use Your Words review, we used iOS and Android mobile devices. Both platforms are compatible with the UYW mobile client. It allows you to use your device keyboard to type words and phrases. All players can do it simultaneously. After that, you watch all the answers and rate them.

Replay Value: 5

Use Your Words full game circle includes 4 stages that include multiple hilarious videos, images, and phrases. There are no correct or incorrect answers, so you can come up with an infinite number of jokes! It also depends on the people who play with you. Every new player is an inexhaustible source of humor.


Use Your Words is a hit party game that allows you, your friends, and relatives have fun coming up with hilarious gags. It doesn’t require any special gaming skills. Just connect a smartphone or a tablet and join the game. If you have enjoyed playing Quiplash or need a fun party entertainment, this game is a must-have for you. Use Your Words is an excellent way to cheer up everyone.


You should download Use Your Words if you search for a good party game that all your friends would like.

Pros : An inexhaustible source of humor;
Family Mode to switch off adult content;
No rules and imagination limitations;
Convenient text input;
Up to 1000 online spectators.

Cons : Boring to play with less than 3 people;
This humor may not suit everyone;
Only the English text is available.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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