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Undertale Review - Those Cute Monster Guys

Undertale is a quirky, funny and also deep JRPG-like game. It requires you to do a number of quests and solve a number of puzzles. But as you progress, accomplishing these simple missions, you discover the emotional and intelligent depth of this game, mightily seasoned with awesome and cocky jokes and ironic references. Download Undertale to have a taste of the most bizarre RPG game.

Graphics: 5

At first, when you launch Undertale, you think that it's a visual mess made of rough and even ugly character models. And yes the game does have a few rough edges in its looks. But once you spend your first 30 minutes, you begin liking it more and more.

The imperfection of Undertale's picture actually makes it perfect - the retro-stylized characters and decorations have a very warm and friendly vibe. And they all look unique and memorable, representing strange, weird, freakish, but lovable personalities.

Undertale does look like a game for an older system, but it doesn't feel decrepit. Its pixelated and choppy world looks & feels cozy. And the chiptune soundtrack, composed on a thrift shop keyboard, only makes the escapism experience better: it's recommended to play Undertale with your headphones on.

Gameplay: 5

You play as a human girl, who fell underground - just like Alice. And now you need to find a way out.

You will encounter a lot of monsters and their bosses who must be defeated. And it's possible through the turn-based combat system or... through parlaying with them and even flirting. The game's central idea is that you don't have to harm anybody to get what you want. Just find a key to them and crack their hearts like a bank safe.

E.g., when you encounter Doggo, who wants to slice you like a carrot with his two knives, you can pet him instead of fighting, thus making a new friend. You're always given a number of options: Insult, Laugh at a joke, Check, Flirt, etc.

Whenever you begin a combat, you'll be offered to do some sort of mini-game, which requires a good reaction and a precise sense of rhythm and time. Apart from dealing with monsters, there will be other quests, like Snailrace: you'll have to inspire your snail to compete in races, which causes it to set itself on fire.

Besides, you'll spend a fair amount of time collecting items: Butterscotch Pie, Spider Donut, Nicecream, Unicycle, Glamburger, etc.

Controls: 5

The game has a moderate pace, apart from when you play the mini-games or escape a chase. And controls are quite smooth and easy to master, using D-Pad for movement, etc.

Replay Value: 5

Undertale has various endings and scenario routes. You will be tempted to unlock all of them and try different choices with different monsters. It's worth a shot.

The Bottom Line

Undertale is one of the strangest and enthralling RPJs that you could have on your console. Our Undertale review recommends you to put it in your gaming collection for it'll be truly a magnificent experience for every JRPG fan. 


Download Undertale and your imagination will be carried away!

Pros : Original gameplay;
Vintage and cozy graphics;
8-bit soundtrack;
Hilarious dialogues & jokes.

Cons : Visuals won't appeal to some;
Lacks aggressive action a bit;
Gameplay is relatively short.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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