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The Evil WithinÂŽ 2

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The Evil WithinÂŽ 2 Review: One of The Best Japanese Horror Franchises

The Evil Within® 2 is a Japanese survival zombie horror game. You play as detective Sebastian Castellanos, who had lost his daughter during the original game. Mobius corporation finds him to tell that they know where his daughter may be. Go through circles of hell to find her and save from darkness. You can download The Evil Within® 2 for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Graphics: 4.5

The Evil Within® 2 game is powered by the proprietary STEM engine. It allowed developers to create an incredibly realistic world with dynamic lighting and outstanding camerawork produced by Shinji Mikami. Character and enemy physics are also very well made, providing realistic melee combat. On the other hand, the facial animation of characters is rather poor.

Gameplay: 5

The Evil Within® 2 gameplay consists of 3rd-person combat and exploration. If you played the first chapter, you know that the game used to be a hardcore experience for fans of the genre. Developers did their best to bring more balance to the gameplay. The Evil Within® 2 latest version presents 3 levels of difficulty. The basic one is now suitable for everyone, providing casual challenges. If you’re a hardcore fan, then you’ll be satisfied with Survival and Nightmare modes.

Combat system flexibility and the size of maps allows you to approach missions in your own way. You can either kill enemies in face-to-face fights using pistols and shotguns or try to reach them from behind for stealth frags.

You car pick up green gel from monsters and use it for character customization. There are upgrade branches for health, strength, combat, stealth, and recovery speed. You are also allowed to craft upgrades for weapons using collected items. The crafting system works on-the-go or via workbenches that are located near checkpoints. The second option requires fewer items, so it’s better to create as much ammo as possible at the beginning of every level.

Controls: 5

The Evil Within® 2 review of input methods included gamepad and keyboard comparison. Both devices are similarly suitable for convenient play as they provide the classic 3rd-person-shooter layout. It means that controls are highly intuitive. All situative actions are always displayed.

Replay Value: 4.5

The Evil Within® 2 full game storyline with all quests lasts over 10 hours if you play in the Casual mode without replays. There is only one ending to the story, but you may also search for several easter eggs, and try to reveal the secret scene.


The Evil Within® 2 is one of the best Japanese horror games ever made. It stands in one line with Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It only lacks a Hollywood screening to achieve the same recognition rate. This game presents a deliberate story flavored with immersive gameplay, fine graphics, and incredible soundscape quality.


You should download The Evil WithinÂŽ 2 if you look for a well-made horror game with exciting combat and a deep story.

Pros : Along exciting storyline with secrets;
Big level maps provide flexible walkthrough;
Character customization and crafting;

Cons : Several pacing issues;
Face animation is not lively.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.8

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