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The Escapists 2

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The Escapists 2 Review - Don't Drop That Soap...

The Escapists 2 is a prison-break simulator, which requires you to devise ways of leaving the correctional facility unnoticed. Do daily preparations, make connections among convicts, go for quests and carefully build a strategy and stick to your plan. Download The Escapists 2 and get that sweet taste of freedom.

Graphics: 5

The Escapists 2 is a visual feast. Rarely you can see a pixelated game that doesn't make your eyes hurt with muddiness. Everything in the game is clearly visible and distinctive - bunks, toilets, guards, pipes, crates, dirty laundry... You can't help, but enjoy the minuscule details of this pixel Alcatraz.

It has a top-down view, so you can easily monitor activities behind the corner or in the neighboring cell and thus plan a more effective strategy of running away. Well-balanced physics garner smooth movement animation and better, more precise control over your avatar.

Gameplay: 5

After you choose one of the arenas, you get thrown into the jail. And every jailhouse has unique decorations, routes, guard patrolling patterns and of course ways of escaping. It'll take you some time to learn the ins & outs of your new "dungeon".

In the meantime, you have to participate in the prison life, not to evoke suspicion/hostility. Do errands for the top convicts, make friends, grease some guards with a few bribes. Additionally, you need to be physically fit and clever to see your bold escape plan come to fruition. Library & gym are your best friends: go there every day to become athletic and smart. The more books you read, the better items you'll be able to craft: pickaxes, shanks, etc.

Sometimes you'll have to get into brawls, especially in the prison cantina. And that's where your muscles are going to do you a grand favor. When your reconnaissance is complete - it's time to make a move. Every prison has a number of options for you: disguise as a doctor, dig a tunnel, etc. But always cover the traces you leave.

Controls: 4.5

Most of the action is done through simple controls. Fighting is centered on shoulder buttons, for instance. But every so often interface, especially inventory may seem to be cluttered. And it's not the greatest thing ever, especially when guards have figured out that you're not in your cell when you're supposed to be...

Replay Value: 5

Escapists is very tempting to be played again. You can devise a ton of strategies in every single stage. And plus customize your characters to make 'em look like you and your friends, which is quite amusing.

The Bottom Line

This Escapists 2 review states that it's one of the best prison break simulators ever. Grim realism of a penitentiary system and cute pixel art style, with a smart gameplay and hilarious dialogues, together give birth to an absolute masterpiece.


Download The Escapists 2 and make the warden tear out his hair in frenzy!

Pros : Leeway for improvisation;
Awesome pixel art style;
Unique levels;
Escape preparation is engaging.

Cons : Repetitive tasks;
Poor crossplatform compatibility;
Could have more levels.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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