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Plague Inc: Evolved

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Plague Inc: Evolved Review: Spread the Plague to the World

Plague Inc: Evolved is a realistic simulation game that centers on a global plague that is a total threat to humanity. Your goal is to infect the world with different diseases that humanity would defend.

Graphics: 4

Plague Inc: Evolved full game has quite attractive graphics with only a few downfalls. The characters are depicted in clear detail, but who cares about the characters when spreading diseases? And that’s where the game flourishes: all the infections and their carriers look more than amazing, so even the most demanding medical student will be satisfied with the Plague Inc. designers' meticulousness. Evolved a fantastic and terrifying atmosphere. The good visuals of the Plague Inc. add to the overall enjoyment.

Gameplay: 5

Plague Inc: Evolved gameplay meet the player’s standards when it comes to mechanics and the gaming experience. Your goal is to end the human race in all corners of the Earth by using different disease types the game offers you. Players can access the different scenarios where they can test the effectiveness of the pathogen.

You have to strategize a lot for the pathogen you’ve chosen to work. Player’s skills would be tested during the game through different approaches. You'll be offered scenario tricks, such as mega-brutal difficulty, genetic modification and more to test your pathogen. Players can start from the basics of spreading the disease until they have the idea to make it lethal.

Plague Inc: Evolved gets challenging when it comes to spreading the pathogen. Each pathogen requires unique conditions to work properly. So, get ready for a lot of thinking. You can expect excitement and thrill as you spread your virus across the globe.

Controls: 5

If you want to spread a deadly virus, you have to use reliable controls. Plague Inc: Evolved have access controls making sure the course of the game is controlled more by your tactical mind than mouse-and-keyboard agility. From the preparation and spread of the pathogen, the controls are easy to navigate. Newcomers would find the controls reliable and handy as there’s no hassle in playing the game.

Replay Value: 5

Plague Inc: Evolved takes on a journey of human annihilation. You upgrade your critical thinking skills and become creative in developing the viruses. There are hundreds of missions and even more species of virus carriers, so like any other Plague Inc: Evolved reviewers, we guarantee that replay is inevitable. The ever-changing goals make the gameplay excellent and it’s a challenge to grab all its peculiarities at once.

The Bottom Line

The Plague Inc: Evolved has a simplistic approach at first sight: it’s goal is to spread the virus all over the globe. But right from the start, things get so exciting that you can’t help enjoying wiping your fellow humans off the planet. Players get a chance to experiment with different pathogenes and see the effect they cause in various parts of the Earth. Whether humanity survives the virus on not? It’s for you to decide.


Download Plague Inc: Evolved now and spread your virus around the world.

Pros : Excellent gameplay for tacticians and strategy-makers;
Fascinating storyline;
Easy controls;
Challenging tasks and missions.

Cons : Graphics is not the strongest point;
Requires too much thinking;
Pathogen testing is difficult for newbies.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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