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Party Hard

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Party Hard Review: Retro-wave, Party, Murders

Party Hard is a 2D isometric stealth-action tactic sandbox game by Ukrainian Pinoki Games in which you play for a maniac who kills idle students during their summer vacation parties. You have to find a way to stab all people on a location without being detected. You can download Party Hard for Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Graphics: 5

Party Hard game is powered by the Unity graphics engine. The combination of retro-punk style and 8-bit pixel-art graphics make it very similar to Hotline Miami. However, the camera view provides an isometric perspective instead of top-down. All levels have a unique design and details.

Gameplay: 5

Party Hard gameplay combines stealth-action with tactical strategy. You play as a maniacal guy from the neighborhood who got tired of noisy partying young people. He decides to wear a mask and visit every party in the town to turn off the volume. His weapons are a simple knife, and savvy.

Every mission brings you to a big house or a night club when the party is in full swing. You have to kill everyone inside and outside the building to complete a level. There are from 40 to 80 people to kill on each of 10 levels. All of them are endowed with unique behavior algorithms, so you always have to examine the situation before taking action.

Ordinary victims may notice you, but they won’t raise the alarm until they find dead bodies. You can leave them lying around to terrify people or hide them to avoid being spotted by the cops. If a police officer catches you, he takes you to the prison and restarts the level. The security staff can do the same, but their action area has borders, so you may easily escape. Party Hard stealth game is also full of random encounters. For example, a grizzly bear may suddenly come to the party and tear everyone apart instead of you. Many objects also appear randomly to make you come up with new trap ideas every time.

Controls: 5

Party Hard latest version allows you to play using a keyboard and a mouse or connect any PC-compatible gamepad. The Xbox version supports only the proprietary controller. All available actions always appear on the screen, so you don’t have to memorize commands.

Replay Value: 5

During the 4-hour gameplay test for this Party Hard review, we completed several missions 3-4 times and discovered that many conditions over levels are randomized. For example, somebody may park a golf car near a group of smoking people and forget the keys inside. Turn it on and watch how it does the dirty work for you. Random encounters make this game highly replayable.


Party Hard is a unique stealth-action that allows you to feel yourself a serial maniac. Random circumstances make every level unique, no matter how many times you reload the game. It’s exhilarating to play as a horror movie maniac.


Download Party Hard to try yourself in the role of a serial maniac who got tired from the noise of local parties.

Pros : Up to 80 targets per level;
Randomized opportunities to kill;
Smart AI;
Great retro-wave soundtrack.

Cons : No multiplayer mode;
Several bugs occur.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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