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NBA2K18 Review: Another Treat For The Basketball Fans

NBA 2K franchise launched yet another, the 19th and the latest installment of the basketball simulation, NBA2K18 game. The successor to NBA2K17 got released on 19th of September, 2017. It’s available to play on various platforms like Xbox, Xbox360, PS4, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, PS3, and Nintendo Switch. It offers new various game modes to choose from. It also has 49 songs, all of which are licensed soundtracks.

Graphics 4/5

The players are made to look a lot more realistic. To add in the human content, they even showed the players perspiring, so you could see the sweat on their faces. Their jerseys are also made to look better. The time lag that used to be there between the dribbles has been removed along with the opponents not able to reach out to you whenever they want. The few things that still seem troubling are that proper spacing is not there amongst the players, and sometimes the point guard comes from nowhere to take a rebound.

Gameplay 5/5

Seventeen new teams have been included in NBA2K18 game. Apart from that customizable player and teams option is also there which allow the gamers to create their own character and make up their teams. There are various game modes and several settings that can be customized too. Following are the different game modes available:

MyCareer – through this game mode, gamers have the option to create their own customizable player and play through their career. It is a kind of story-based mode with some kind of challenges which include not only on-court activities but also off-court activities. The customizable tools are revamped with new options like the latest hairstyles or jerseys to be used by the players in NBA2K18 game;

MyGM – here the gamers have to fit into the shoes of the manager of a particular team who is liable for the management of all the operations related to basketball;
MyLeague – the objective of the game is the same as that of the previous game, but this mode offers more customizable options.

Controls 4/5

NBA2K18 has decent controls. With a little practice, all the gamers will get accustomed to the controls. However, some moves require pressing the keys in succession or releasing them quickly. If you’re a console newbie, you will probably miss a couple of your first games.

Replay Value 5/5

Various customizable tools will lure the players to play NBA2K18 again and again to reach new avenues. Also, the new game mode included in the game tests the managing skills of the player, and you can’t complete such a mission in a few hours play.

The Bottom Line

The loyal fan base of NBA 2K franchise won’t regret after NBA2K18 download. Hopefully, our NBA2K18 review proves that there’s a lot of new features and easter eggs to expect. The new and improved graphics, the gameplay, more accessible controls are some of the attributes to keep up the interest of the players.


People who appreciate and love the NBA and the game of basketball should definitely download NBA2K18 and get their hands over this latest and improved basketball simulation game.

Pros : Real looking players;
No time lag between dribbles;
Better game modes;
New teams to choose from;
Customizable player option.

Cons : Improper spacing amongst the players;
Trademark shot’s controls are a bit tough;
New players may not be able to understand;
MyCareer and MyGM, both are storybased.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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