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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker Game Review

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Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is a dating simulator game which is sure to tickle your funny bone. As a matchmaker, cater to the needs of your clientele and help them find their significant one.

Graphics: 4

It is a jolly-natured game with adorable interface, environment, and characters. One finds the look and feel of the game colorful and joyful. The ‘vectorish’ look which has been given to the game makes it all the more appealing and attractive. Be it the clients, their expressions or other elements such as love handle, everything boasts of an intricate and detailed design. All in all, the graphics are soothing and elevate the amusement quotient of playing the game.

Gameplay: 5

Kitty Powers has a new branch of her matchmaking agency and she has appointed you as the newest matchmaker. You can build your avatar before starting your real work. Once you set up your profile, you are continuously guided by your fabulous boss – Kitty Powers.

As the game starts, you see clients approaching you with their needs. Based on their needs, you suggest them a profile from your ‘date-a-base.’ Once that has been done, you can even suggest your clients a restaurant to go on date. You see the characters involved in a hilarious conversation and chatting about various topics in a quirky way. You also have the power to guide the conversation through mini-games like the ‘truth-lie’ options. The Love Handle pops up from time to time to provide the couple with ‘food for thought.’

As the date comes to an end, the conversation of your clients reveals whether or not they wish to see each other again. In case of a positive, your reputation level goes up. With the reputation points and more income, you unlock many new features and restaurant arenas.

Controls: 4

In the game, the movement of the characters is quite less. In fact, the game is all about clicking/accepting/declining the options. One can use the arrow keys of the Xbox controller to hover the screen. On deciding the option, all you need to do is to press the assigned button to make the final choice. All in all, there are fewer controls that are required to the play the game.

Replay Value: 4

The game holds a decent replay value. It attracts the gamers to take up a new client’s request every time they complete an existing one. The eagerness to unlock a new restaurant arena and other locked features further hold the gamers for quite long. However, it is the lack of any hardcore action or movement in the game which lowers the replay value a little bit.


Matches are made in heaven. So shoulder the responsibility of making these heaven-mates meet through this light, hilarious, and beautifully conceptualized simulation game – Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker. Whether it’s the client looking for someone from the same gender or from the opposite one, cater to their need, guide them on their date and earn reputation. Satisfy as many clients as you can to brand yourself as the best matchmaker in the town.


Let Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker maximize your clients’ chance of finding their love. With your decisions and guidance, you either bring romance to the world or leave a sea of broken hearts.

Pros : Simple to Understand and Play
Less Controls
Numerous Arenas and Elements to Unlock

Cons : It is Just a ConversationBased Gameplay

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3


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