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Human: Fall Flat Review - Hopefully They Feel No Pain...

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Professional Review

Human: Fall Flat is a slapstick genre game, featuring a squishy, doughy protagonist. He has to go from one level to another, overcome barriers, ride windmills, get buried under a boulder avalanche and experience painful collapses. The game is truly challenging so be sure to download Human: Fall Flat, if you think you're tough enough to crack that nut.

Graphics: 4.5

Human: Fall Flat is more than laconic, when it comes to its visuals. Levels have abstract but clean and smooth decorations: castle towers & walls, windmills, giant fans, fences and so on. No minuscule details, no elaborate scenery and no attempts at realism whatsoever.

But such an art style perfectly fits the whacky nature of HFF and besides allows you to fully concentrate on controlling the nightmarishly untamable play-dough-man. Physics are the key component in Fall Flat, and they have been designed majestically. Dizzy jumps, awesome flights and dramatic falls - they almost make you feel the pain yourself.

Tip: Carefully listen to the sounds featured in HFF - they are your clues.

Gameplay: 5

In HFF you get to learn how backstabbing gravity can be. Add to it the barely controllable avatar of yours and hours of patient button mashing will ensue.

The main goal you need to achieve in every level is to make it to its end, overcoming all barriers and pits you encounter. Sometimes it's done though jumping & climbing. Sometimes you can stumble upon a catapult and launch yourself to the unknown fate. And a giant fan can give you a lift when you least expect it. Let alone the wrecking balls and bulldozers - they can be a source of ecstasy in the moments, when you're about to give up on the level, you can't beat.

What's especially cool about HFF is that you can design a character and give him/her whatever looks & clothes you want. You just get the blank avatar made of white clay and "paint" its new face from scratch in the special editor.

Controls: 2.5

Your shaky, wobbly, wiggly avatar isn't the easiest guy to puppeteer. And controls make it even worse due to some inept responsiveness. But PS4 players have a little advantage: thumb-sticks make the experience more tactile, since they provide instant feedback when you interact with a certain object.

Replay Value: 4.5

HFF isn't a piece of cake. But it isn't something impossible to master either. All it takes is a bit of patience and perseverance. Plus multiplayer allows you to share the control over the invertebrate munchkin with a friend of yours: it's when the game turns into a hilarious and unpredictable clustercrash.

The Bottom Line

Our Human Fall Flat review recommends the game to everyone, who likes a bit of challenge in their games. Completing it 100% will dish you out some serious bragging rights and the feeling of deep satisfaction. And the co-op mode is definitely something to be tried at least once.


Download Human: Fall Flat to try one of the hardest and funniest games available for PS4!

Pros : Plausible physics;
Spine-chilling stunts;
Satisfying multiplayer.

Cons : Treacherous controls;
Visual austerity;
Hard to beat.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 2.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.1


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Very interesting singleplayer mode.
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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