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GUNS UP!™ Review: Immerse in This Epic Strategy Based Game

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If action movies attract you, then Valkyrie entertainment is here with this action-packed and fun-to-play game called GUNS UP!™ which will be on your list for this weekend. Get ready to download GUNS UP!™ right now and read our GUNS UP!™ Review to find out more while you wait for it.

Gameplay: 4

GUNS UP!™ is a free to play game for the players. The game is available for PS4 and Windows. GUNS UP!™ requires you to strategize and plan your move of action in order to emerge victoriously and defeat your enemies. Being a multiplayer game, it requires you to form a team and attack the enemies while creating your own base at the same time. For the purpose of attacking, there are several arms and ammunition for the player. The overall gameplay is suited to the target audience of the game as there is huge scope for collecting different arms and attacking the enemy with different weapons. However, efforts can be made to make the game more interactive and difficult. You can check the GUNS UP!™ Demo to know more about the game and its gameplay.

Graphics: 4

When it comes to graphics, the game has a lot to offer to its the audience. The battle scenes and the places of action look quite appealing and gripping while at the same time, the burning fire creates an impression of a serious battlefield. There’s also a good sound quality backed with audible and impressive background score which is enough to create a tense and gripping environment. You can check the preview of GUNS UP!™ Online to know more about the game.

Controls: 3

The controls of the game are distributed among many players because of the reason that the game is a multiplayer one. You can dive deeper into further controls as you advance. The controls depend on whether you are playing for free or playing using the currencies that you collect during the course of the game.

Replay Value: 3

The linear plot of the game is great, but there’s not one mystery about it so replaying it may be a drag. Still, sandbox geeks and strategy lovers can find the whole base organizing process too exciting to play it only once. And you can always try the new weapon to diversify your experience. GUNS UP!™ is all about guns, as you’ve probably found out already.

The Bottom Line

GUNS UP!™ can be pure fun if you learn the controls basics and get into guns. It has everything that makes a good game, but it’s not enough to become great. Still, it’s one of the most fun and straightforward shooters we got to play so far.


Thus, it is a game that can be fun and engaging, provided there are some improvements made at the basic level. Download GUNS UP!™ and let’s wait for the new updates together to enjoy more perks.

Pros : The game is free to play which ensures that you shall not have to spend money to acquire any of the perks of the game;
The game has a linear story and gameplay which is easy to understand;
One can build an army to defeat the opponents which add layers to the game;
The graphics are really fun to play as they create the perfect environment for battles;
You also get access to more perks based on your performance.

Cons : The game lacks features that make it gripping;
It can get repetitive at times;
GUNS UP!™ Requires a working internet connection which is a problem in low network areas;
The graphics could be more lifelike;
There should be a relevant and multifaceted storyline in the game.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 3

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.5


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