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Grand Theft Auto V™

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Grand Theft Auto V™ Review: A Criminal Masterpiece

Grand Theft Auto V™ is an adventure shooter game related to the criminal thriller genre, compatible with all sorts of gaming platforms. The characters open up through a gradually unfolding dangerous adventure in a cruel and luxurious world of organized crime. Download Grand Theft Auto V™™ and try your luck as a gangster.

Graphics: 4

Developed by Rockstar games, Grand Theft Auto V™ has become an instant classic thanks to its atmospheric gameplay and amazing graphics. Since its launch, the devs have revitalized GTA’s visuals for several times already, so the game keeps getting better. The city of Los Santos is more than a bunch of parallel streets and lanes, as it was with the previous chapters. In Grand Theft Auto V™ you can climb the nearby hill (the Hollywood-esque one) and watch the city buzzing with life in all colors and forms imaginable. But even as you come closer, the visual side of the game doesn’t lose its magic: the face and body muscles of the characters move quite well for the game which strong side is plot and action, not the realistic physics. However, graphics bugs may still occur during the missions.

Gameplay: 5

Grand Theft Auto V™ gameplay is a daring adventure that gets you in the middle of action right at the start and never lets go. Three main characters, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton, are created by the screenwriters with such wit and passion that one cannot help but admiring them no matter how violent and cruel they get. Each of them has his own unique abilities that can be helpful for completing missions. Each of them also has a life story and a criminal record.

The game begins with Michael and Trevor, long-time collaborators parting during a police operation and Trevor finding out about Michael’s engagement in the bank robbery with Franklin. He decides to find Trevor and ask him all the questions he’s lost hope to find answers for. As with all GTA games, here you can go on with the main narrative, completing mission by mission or just wander the city immersing into its one-of-kind ambiance. A cinematic experience is guaranteed in both cases.

Controls: 4.5

Controlling the game is as easy with keyboard and mouse as with any console’s joysticks. The game is not just a story, but a full-scale third-person shooter, so it’s your top priority to get all the settings right to draw and fire at the right moment. A nice bonus is the ability to control any means of transportation available in the game. And when it comes to bank robbery, you can choose from various strategies and even means of intimidation! Now there are even more in-game objects you can with, which is almost unbelievable considering the main set of controls has stayed pretty much the same as in previous games.

Replay Value: 5

Grand Theft Auto V™ is a unique experience, and it wouldn’t be such an iconic title if you played it only once. Even re-playing the storyline itself is fascinating, and when it comes to walking around Los Santos browsing through its numerous possibilities, the game gets totally infinite. Rockstar care for GTA fans and release various mods and upgrades just in time to prevent you from getting bored. So, if there’s just GTA V, there’s still plenty of gaming for you.

The Bottom Line

Grand Theft Auto V™ latest version is available for PC and all the main consoles. And if you haven’t played it before, don’t plan anything else for the next weekend… or two. With a story like this, who needs amazing graphics and convenient controls? Yet it’s all here. Hesitate no more! Let your gaming journey begin and get lost in the vivid world of Los Santos crime.


Download Grand Theft Auto V™ game right away if you wish to experience the world of crime and (occasional) punishment in Hollywood-like story.

Pros : Easy to download;
Carefully created gameplay;
Multiplayer option;
Regular updates available;
Compatible with various platforms.

Cons : Controls may gravely differ when you switch;
Graphics bugs seem inevitable.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.6

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