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Friday the 13th Review: The One Thrilling Game You Need to Play

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Professional Review

Developer IllFonic came up with this idea of making the movie come alive again in the form of a play. Friday the 13th the game is published by Gun Media and is available on platforms like Xbox One, PC and PS4. It is a perfect game for console gaming pods. Friday the 13th survival horror game is definitely a horror, and you better believe us. It was initially released on October 13th, 2017 on the disc while the digital release was on May 26th, 2017. You can download Friday the 13th on the Xbox, Steam, and PS stores or from your local retailers.

Graphics: 3

The graphics are pretty amazing. The story of the movie with the real feel of evil murders gets you to sit at the edge of your chair while you play it. All the blood and horror of it seems quite real, and we wouldn’t advise you to play it alone in the dark, but… do as you please. There is no question, undoubtedly, that it will make you happy after the scary story is ended.

Gameplay: 4

You get to play as Jason Voorhees! Yes, you heard it right. This particular reason lets you enjoy the ride with a full swing. The game starts when all the players join it. Then the server chooses one player as Jason randomly. So, on average, you have a 12.5% chance that you will get to become the lead Jason. When you are one of the other characters, you would need to use communication, as it the best method of survival here. You will have to find items that will protect you from the masked maniac. When you have good communication, you will be easily told that someone has a key and gas for the escape vehicle, which will get you all away from Jason. Both the experience of murdering someone and being murdered yourself is challenging and thrilling altogether.

Controls: 3.5

Controls are very simple. Whether you are Jason or any other character, controls remain the same, but the main basic function changes from murder to protection. The right weapon is the key to everything here, no matter which side you’re on. We find that joystick is the best tool for this game, as it lets you look around the larger radii compared to a PC mouse. Actually, every Friday the 13th review should begin with a joystick recommendation.

Replay Value: 4

Friday the 13th is different every time you get to play it, as every character is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s not just maniac/victim polarization. There are many ways to escape and even more ways to trap and kill, so with each new launch, you work better on your strategy and tactics. Probably, the only thing that will keep you from replay is how scary this game actually is.

The Bottom Line

Hence, this Friday the 13th the game is a part of horror franchise of games, and its fans would be able to play other versions of Jason games, as well. The franchise includes Friday the 13th Part II, Part III, Part IV: Jason Lives, etc. The movie is a good horror thriller, and this game gives you more or less the same experience. You should totally play this once in your lifetime. Your gaming collection should have this in your horror genre section for sure. The reviews have been excellent so far. The experience will blow your mind.


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Pros : It has a total movie scenic view;
The kills are very brutal;
The gameplay is tense.

Cons : It has the option for multiplayer only;
There is often a lack of servers;
Has a potential waiting time.

Graphics 3

Gameplay 4

Controls 3.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 3.6


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