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Fortnite Review - There Will Be Only One in the End

Fortnite is a massive Royale Battle game by Epic, available for PS4. The key idea is to stay alive and eliminate as many of the enemy players as possible. The ideal ending - being the last warrior standing. Fortnite features a vast repertoire of novelties, fun elements, and modes. Download Fortnite to see if you can make it.

Graphics: 4.5

Fortnite looks like a 3D cartoon, dedicated to the issues of survival & immense violence. But it's not a complaint: plastic-like, comically designed models of characters, weapons and buildings nicely co-exist with the game's farcical and wacky vibe. Fortnite is about fun, not overly serious warfare.

The friendly and playful looks of the game are not an aesthetic crime in such a context. And when you add to them seamless effects: jumps, running, choreography, explosions, etc. you get that itch to grab a gun...

Gameplay: 5

In Fortnite you parachute on a massive island, along with 99 players. In no time you'll be handling a hot warfare with them, so you'd better hurry up. Scout for:

  •         Weaponry.
  •         Health kits.
  •         Building materials.
  •         Vehicles.
  •         Reconnaissance info, etc.

You have a few weapon classes: ARs, miniguns, sniper-rifles, shotguns, grappler, etc. Not to forget about explosives, especially the time bomb with a plunger attached to it - Clinger. Although there are numerous types of weaponry, they all feel more or less the same (depending on the class).

The game has a single, but large map with various zones in which you can lurk in ambushes, set mines, snipe the enemy convoys. Moreover, in Fortnite it's possible to erect structures - it takes seconds. Depending on how many resources you've nicked and what type of building it is, you can gain a tactical advantage over the opponents: hide from suppressing fire, snipe from a tower, etc.

The game is time-limited. When a new battle begins, some force field starts shortening. If you get hit by it - you lose HP. So, in the end, the bunch of remaining warriors will have to do one last stand-off, until one of them snatches the victory.

Controls: 5

On PS4 Fortnite is a marvel to manipulate. It feels like a classic FPS. Two actions can be assigned to the same button, but it's easy to remember. E.g. R2 is attack/Confirm, Box - Reload/Interact etc.

Replay Value: 5

Fortnite is a #1 game at the moment: it has 40 million active players at the moment, according to[1]. And that means you'll always have someone to riddle with bullets. Moreover a variety of modes - Floor is Lava, Disco Domination, etc. guarantee you'll have something fun to do in the game anytime.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite is a funny, absurd BR game, which is perfect for time-killing, competitive playing, relaxation and so on. It's free to get for your PS4, and the game isn't poisoned by the pay-to-win element so far. Our Fortnite review recommends to get it ASAP and blast your enemies to pieces or become a new Baryshnikov using the dance emotes.


Download Fortnite and prove to yourself that even a whole army can't keep you down!

Pros : Free;
40 million Fortniters;
Cocky dancing;

Cons : Cartoony visuals;
No PS3 version;
Playing solo is hard.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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