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Fifa 18 Review - Soccer Stars

Fifa 18 is a soccer simulator game, which unravels a story of a gifted player Alex Hunter. Build a stellar sports career, manage your team, compete with other teams online or go for a special offline leaderboard. It's all possible as soon as you download Fifa 18.

Graphics: 5

The game has dramatically evolved since the time its predecessor saw the light. The graphics are even sleeker and more believable now. Along with the audio effects they provide an enthralling atmosphere of a real-life soccer game with blinding stadium lights, crowd noises & chanting/cheering, energetic commentaries, intriguing ads and so on.

Apart from a pretty picture and thrilling big game vibe, the physics of Fifa have received a noticeable boost. Now sending a football into the air feels even more satisfying than before: it flies as fast as a cannonball, nicely swirling.  And the dribbling and movement animations are very sharp and dynamic, especially compared to those in the earlier games.

Gameplay: 5

Our Fifa 18 review has figured the key activities you can enjoy here:

Journey. The story mode, featuring the talented Mr. Hunter. You aid him to re-build his super-star career literally from scratch. And not only by controlling him on the field, but also helping him to choose the right answer during a press conference. Although answers don't affect the story much. A great perk is customization: Alex will wear those shirts, hairstyle, tattoos, and boots that you personally like.

Manager mode. Make deals, renew contracts, do transfers, negotiate fees, draft players for your team, etc.

Classic multiplayer. You will play with other Fifa fans and your friends, who share your passion for soccer.

Squad Battle. It's for those who feel shy to play online. Fifa players design the dream teams - Squads - controlled by AI. Your goal is to defeat them. And depending on your performance and difficulty level, you get a place in the online leaderboard.

Moreover, you can unlock and draft such legends as Messi, Ronaldinho, Maradona, etc.

Controls: 4.5

Controls in Fifa 18 have been bettered as well.  Improved animations now garner a smoother and easier close control. And overall responsiveness of a player’s movements & kicks has been increased tremendously.

Replay Value: 5

The game isn't a one evening stand, so to say. It has a massive fan base of 20+ million players worldwide, and you'll always find something to do here: unlock a new soccer legend, help Hunter rise from the ashes or win yourself the highest position in the online leaderboard.

The Bottom Line

Fifa 18 is a hypnotizing soccer-sim with reinvented graphics, physics and controls. And of course an authentic atmosphere of a real championship. Fifa 18 conveys an electrifying vibe of a big competition, which won't fail to give you the thrill.


Download Fifa 18 for you PS4 to enjoy the crowd cheering for you!

Pros : Stunning graphics & lighting;
Wide negotiation options;
Improved game mechanics;
Legendary players are available.

Cons : Playing against legends is hard;
Career mode has received nothing new;
Selected answers do not affect dialogues much.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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