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Code Vein Review: The Anime You Will Love

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Code Vein is a PRG game, developed by Bandai Namco studio. Code Vein game tells a story of a shattered world of vampires. In order to survive in it, a small Veincommunity was created, consisting of people who abandoned humanity in order to become stronger. They call themselves Revenants, and you can also become one of them.

Graphics: 5

Code Vein immediately attracts attention with the details of its spectacular surroundings. The game world looks like a solid horror anime movie.

The planet survived a cataclysm, the civilization is in ruins, and immortals wander around looking for fresh blood. Empty cities with portals into the abyss and luminous spikes sticking out from the ground look like a typical post-apocalyptic fantasy.

Gameplay: 5

Bandai Namco describes its new project as an intense RPG action. The events of Code Vein gameplay unfold in the near future in a ruined world. To survive in it, you have to join a group of people who renounced their humanity in exchange for strength. This community is the exact code 'Vein'. They call themselves Revenants.

You have to play the role of one of the Revenants, and, working together with others like you, explore a dangerous world full of evil enemies and monstrous bosses. But don't forget that you have to become stronger, which means you have to suck the blood out of your enemies.

The gameplay of Code Vein game is similar to Monster Hunter, God Eater, and Dark Souls at the same time. Players explore large and gloomy locations, hunt monsters, and survive. The more experience you get, the more special gifts you unlock that can help you in difficult times.

The appearance of your character can be customized even in the smallest details. You can also change anything you want during the game, except the gender and constitution of your character.

Controls: 4

Code Vein's release date is September 27, 2019. Until then, we only know that the game comes for Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation 4 platforms, which means that the controlling system depends on the version you'll buy. By the way, you can still pre-order the Code Vein game and try it on your own soon!

Replay Value: 5

According to those, who have already tried the beta version of the game, it seems like Code Vein is a captivating tale. We have no choice but to agree: everything we've seen in the game trailers makes us want the official Code Vein release date to come faster. With its beautiful and high-quality graphics, unique gameplay, and a whole new vampire action, this will be a no-doubt blockbuster.

The Bottom Line

Code Vein is an adventure role-playing game from the authors of the God Eater series, which tells us a brand new story of surviving on the abandoned post-apocalyptic planet. Feel free to explore the world of the game both alone or with a friend.


Even though you're not an anime fan, we bet you might like this game. Code Vein will arrive on September 27, 2019, so don't hesitate and pre-order it now! Be on a list with the first owners of the brand new hit in the gaming world.

Pros : Amazing visuals;
Exciting gameplay options;
Interesting story to play;
Available for many playing platforms.

Cons : Are there any? We don't think so.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8


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