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Alien Shooter

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Alien Shooter Review: Shoot and End the Invasion

Alien Shooter is an action-packed online game set at the beginning of an alien invasion. You take the role of a soldier who would fight hordes of aliens. You also check an underground lab to find out what happened to the scientists there. Download Alien Shooter for Windows, your Android or iOS-based mobile device, or PS Vita and fight the alien invasion.

Graphics 5/5

Reviewing the Alien Shooter game starts from praising its graphics. Alien Shooter has incredible graphics that make the game realistic in spite of its fantastic plot. The monsters are scary, which adds to the gore of the game. We guarantee you will enjoy the lab setting that sends some excitement and puzzlement to every player. The weapons are depicted thoroughly, so you can clearly see their design and style. The superb graphics take you to an excellent level of excitement anyone would be happy to experience.

Gameplay 5/5

Alien Shooter full game offers a lot of action that keeps players glued to their seats. You’re hired as mercenary to check an underground military lab that suddenly becomes quiet. But you would discover hordes of alien monsters in the walls of the lab.

You have different weapons to select: from pistols to big blasters. Your objective is to explore the lab and find out why the scientists disappeared. You can gain extra weapons and armor to level up your chances of winning the game.

Players can select from eight characters that have different stats, such as the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Health
  • Speed
  • Strength

In the beginning, you would receive a pistol, unlimited bullets, and 20 bucks. With each winning, you get more resources for buying powerful guns and upgrades. The power of your guns is the key to success in Alien Shooter as it’s a game of growing difficulty.

Controls 5/5

Alien Shooter offers you easy and simple controls that even experienced players would be happy to use. You have to be ready to face the hordes of monsters any second, so we strongly advise you rearranging the standard controls settings the way they would suit you. You can use a pistol or a blaster depending on the level you have reached. Note that various types of weapons differ in controls. The learning curve is quite severe, but it lets you master the game step by step.

Replay Value 5/5

If you want an action-packed game, Alien Shooter is an excellent choice. The creatures at the lab offer you a challenge you wouldn’t forget. Each level of the game is challenging, so it never gets boring. Your fight against the alien gives you an excellent experience you would be glad to repeat. Play Alien Shooter now to decide to come back for more later.

The Bottom Line

Alien Shooter is an exciting game that sends you into the hell of a fight with creepy creatures. Once you face the aliens, the challenge begins. The massive monsters and the choice weapons offer you many combinations of organizing your war tactics. You gain player gear and upgrades as you proceed to the higher levels of the game. The difficulty levels and the survive mode extend the Alien Shooter gameplay. The excitement is guaranteed!


It’s hard to find another game like this for action lovers, so download Alien Shooter and save the world!

Pros : Superb sound effects;
Challenging gameplay for all players;
Tons of monsters to fight;
Attractive graphics;
Awesome gaming atmosphere.

Cons : Coop feature isn’t included;
The high levels are too challenging;
You need to keep buying guns to upgrade.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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