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7 Days to Die

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7 Days to Die Review: Fight the Zombie Invasion

7 Days to Die is an apocalyptic game set in the world overrun by zombies. You can play it both online and offline on mac OS, Windows PC, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. The game is an impressive combination of role-playing and first-person shooter game. Thanks to its open-world setting and multiple ways of fighting, the game is a new and unique release in the survival game genre.

Graphics 5/5

For a post-apocalyptic game, 7 Days to Die has good graphics that keep players entertained. The zombie cries are heard no matter where you go, which sends chills down the players’ spines. The undead have realistic impressions (or at least, so it seems to this particular 7 Days to Die reviewer) that makes 7 Days to Die an exciting horror game. The great visuals help a lot to make the game stand out from other zombie games. So, you would definitely enjoy playing the game.

Gameplay 5/5

The 7 Days to Die gameplay is full of bloody fun and excitement as you fight the undead and use tons of weapons. As a first-person player, you can do the following in the game:

  • Explore – You’re free to explore the world and shoot zombies using different weapons;
  • Craft – You can craft or repair the tools and armor that you’re using;
  • Build – Players can take over ruins and build the fortress you like;
  • Compete – You have chances to compete with other players;
  • Create – You can develop your creativity by building an ultimate world.

The apocalyptic setting and the gameplay make the 7 Days to Die a great game to play, especially at night. The soundtrack and the graphics add to the chill and suspense in the game. But don’t let them scare you. Get ready to fight hordes of zombies and win the game!

Controls 4/5

For a start, the game’s controls are helpful but not as good as controls of other zombie games. You can use thumbsticks to navigate the game. But it would be much better if mouse or keypad would also be used in 7 Days to Die. This way, you wouldn’t have to turn around every time you hear a strange noise nearby. And there are plenty! 7 Days to Die still offers delight to players who want to get to the middle of the post-apocalyptic battle. 7 Days to Die is a unique game you can try!

Replay Value 5/5

7 Days to Die play online option is what gives the game almost infinite replay value: when you turn on multiplayer and roam an open-world with your friends, things start getting interesting! Going online proves that 7 Days to Die is an incredible game that keeps you on your seats. You can customize your armor and upgrade your gun. Tons of zombies await you in every corner, and the never-ending suspense makes the game superb. If you’re looking for an ultimate survival horror experience, 7 Days to Die is the perfect starting point! The gameplay and graphics make the game memorable for players.

The Bottom Line

The post-apocalyptic battle in 7 Days to Die can give you the gaming experience of your life. Apart from mastering different types of weapons, players can build or craft their tools and armors. The setting, weapons, characters in the game are all excellent additions that give 7 Days to Die an appealing look. Higher levels are tough, but not less fun.


Download 7 Days to Die and survive the zombie invasion, alone or with friends.

Pros : Amazingly well-thought-out multiplayer;
Players gain different missions;
Diverse weapon choices;
Great sounds and visuals;
Entertaining storyline.

Cons : Using thumbsticks;
The gore scenes could be tougher.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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