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Shelter Review: Become Your Favorite Animal

Shelter is an indie simulator of animal life MMO game by Light and Delight studio. It offers you to experience peaceful routines of wild animals in the beautiful endless forest. You can explore the world and communicate with random players to find treasures and unlock more options for chatting. To download Shelter for PC and Mac, install the Steam launcher from the official website.

Graphics: 4.5

Perhaps, when you start playing the Shelter game, you may feel a bit strange, because it has an extremely unusual style of visuals. Instead of ordinary textures, developers invented a unique modeling system. It’s based on low-poly models of environment covered with patterns of different shapes and naturalistic coloring. You will like it if you seek niche indie artworks. Guys from Light and Delight say that it’s their very own interpretation of how a real forest looks like.

Gameplay: 4.5

Shelter gameplay consists of 3 main elements. First, you can explore the entire world without any borders. Go wherever you want and explore the world. It hides many secrets and beautiful landscapes. Secondly, you can meet hundreds of real players from all over the world, but you can’t communicate in a traditional way. Instead of voice or text chats, there is a system of weird symbols. You have to unlock them one by one to achieve more opportunities to say what you really think.

Every symbol has its meaning, and animals can express it by dancing, jumping, noising, and other things. It means that if you want to say even the simplest thing, you have to be inventive enough to come up with a combination of actions to make your friend understand your intentions. It’s weird to play without chats, but the sign system makes gameplay much more dynamic. There’s no plot or missions, so it’s an excellent challenge.

Controls: 4

We tried to play with a gamepad and the standard keyboard-plus-mouse set for this Shelter review, but the first option isn’t very convenient. Using a mouse, you can navigate between chat commands much faster. Partial controller support lacks shortcuts and an option to assign buttons for the most frequently used actions.

Replay Value: 5

Shelter full game has no missions and ending. You can reveal all chatting symbols and unlock all animals, but you will never have a shortage of new companions. It’s always incredibly exciting to establish understanding and try to keep walking paw in paw to discover the world together.

The Bottom Line

Shelter is one of the brightest multiplayer indie franchises. It has an unusual style of visuals that turns simple forests and fields into mysterious magical lands. There are no threats or complicated missions so that you could just relax and lose yourself in the wilderness. It’s a simulator of peace and carefree leisure that deserves the attention of every indie fan.


Download Shelter to experience one of the most peaceful MMO games on Steam. It’s a true fairytale for patient animal lovers.

Pros : Excellent artistic visualization of nature and animals;
Unusual symbol-based chatting system;
Hundreds of animals;
Only real players online;
Fascinating exploration.

Cons : Optional voice chat could be helpful;
No way to track other players.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5

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