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Sally Face

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Sally Face Review - Little Sally, You're So Scary

Sally Face is an indie project that incorporates graphic novel elements, puzzle-solving, and pretty disturbing atmosphere. Its gameplay revolves around investigating weird events, related to the protagonist and examining all possible clues. Download Sally Face to know, who's hiding behind the prosthetic mask.

Graphics: 5

Sally Face can be best described as unique. It doesn't have sleek, overpolished visuals of AAA+ games or super bombastic audiovisual effects. And it doesn't need them. Instead, Sally's graphics can offer something more: uniquely bizarre and creepy atmosphere of a very strange story, unfolding in front of you.

Its art style mimics the hand drawings that possibly were used as illustrations in the 70's & 80's self-made punk music magazines. Or maybe it can remind of the early MTV's cartoons like Beavis & Butt-head or Daria. Anyway, it feels absolutely fresh and original. And the grungy soundtrack with the distorted, but soft guitar riffs and bassline creates awesome counterpoint melodies.

And they put your mind in the right mood: anxiety and intrigue.

Gameplay: 5

It's hard to say what Sally's gameplay is about. You mostly sit and watch the grim and eccentric story unfolding, participating in dialogues and solving pretty simple puzzles. There will be no jump-scares or violent action like in Slenderman. But instead, you'll get to meet a bunch of very memorable characters.

Sally herself (or himself?) is a mystery wrapped in enigma. Apparently, it's a dude, dressed like a little girl, wearing ponytails. His father is a depressive slob, and his closest buddy is a metal music fan and possibly a pothead, obsessed with unraveling the murder mystery of his neighbor.

Currently, there are four episodes available, so Sally is more like an interactive web-series than a game. But further gameplay uncovering can lead to some major spoilers. All you need to know is that its ominous, bizarre atmosphere mixed with the investigation mechanics and some scary, outlandish vibe form together a formula rarely seen in the modern games.

Controls: 5

Controlling Sally through his investigation isn't hard at all. Currently, there are no mission/tasks that require you to keep in memory difficult button combinations or mash them violently. On the contrary: it's very smooth to control, which doesn't hamper storytelling.

Replay Value: 5

Sally Face is a good purchase. It has a soul, atmosphere and just general awesomeness. While there are more episodes to come, probably, the ones we have don't lose their taste from replaying.

The Bottom Line

Our Sally Face review is sure that it's a horror game that knows how to keep you disturbed without excessive effects or jump-scares. It doesn't shout in your face to give you the creeps. Instead, it immerses you into an atmosphere that on its owns is capable of making your forehead sweaty, preserving the calm, slacky tone of the narrative.


Download Sally Face to enjoy a true horror jam!

Pros : Hand-drawn, visual novel stylistics;
Grunge-like soundtrack;
Weird back-story;
Intriguing riddles & puzzles.

Cons : Short gameplay;
Lack of action;
Occasional character ugliness.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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