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New Super Mario Bros. U

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New Super Mario Bros. U Review: Meet Super Mario and Save the Kingdom

New Super Mario Bros. U is an entertaining adventure game that features Mario, Toad, Luigi and other famous characters. Players enter the Mushroom Kingdom and get a chance to explore new worlds. Players can use the Wii Controller and Wii GamePad to play the game.

Graphics: 5

Fans of the Super Mario series would be happy to play the game to see their favorite characters in attractive graphics. The game stages and characters are depicted awesomely. You would enjoy even the trickiest stages of the game because of its well-thought graphics. New Super Mario Bros. U game has that sort of colorful imagery that captures the interest of players. The Mushroom Kingdom is a beautiful place, and in this New Super Mario Bros. U review, we invite you to stay there with us.

Gameplay: 5

New Super Mario Bros. U gameplay is fun, so it’s hard not to love it. Probably, if you’re not a fan of the whole Mario series, you may not find it as good as it seems to our team of gamers. Meeting Mario and other franchise characters bring enormous fun to the game. Although the gameplay stays simple almost to the degree of primitive, you can swoop to different levels and take part in cooperative speed runs — all these possibilities add diversity. Besides the basic Story Mode, there are also fascinating game modes such as:

  • Boost Rush – it takes two to five players to clear the courses as fast as they can.
  • Challenge Mode – Super Mario Bros. concepts suit multiplayer and single-player challenges.
  • Boost Mode – Get ready to practice teamwork with other players to boost your chances of winning the game.

After you finish the challenges, you can ponder on your next best strategy while watching the replay of your completed levels.

Controls: 4 

Players who love Super Mario can use the Wii U GamePad for the maximum experience. The game is neat when controlling it with a device like that. NintendoDS, another cool gadget is pretty good too, but ways of controlling your character may seem a bit secondary. Still, with a little bit of training, you would be comfortable in completing challenges with your gadget. New Super Mario Bros. U gives you a fast-paced gaming experience. Even if you’re not a Super Mario fan, you will enjoy using the reliable and accessible controls of the game.

Replay Value: 5

New Super Mario Bros. U online offers players gaming challenges that bring enjoyment and fun. And if they don’t, feel free to switch to another one. You get a chance to meet different characters and take part in teamwork to level up your chances of winning. Both old and new players would find the challenges amusing and a bit exhausting, but in a fun way. New Super Mario Bros. U always satisfies its users of all ages by giving them the classic gaming experience with smooth controls.

The Bottom Line

New Super Mario Bros. U has a fun and engaging concept that frames it into the whole franchise and makes a fantastic game to play. As always, you get gold coins for completing the challenges. New Super Mario Bros. U gameplay and mechanics suit Wii U GamePad and Nintendo DS so well that any other game after it may become a disappointment. New Super Mario Bros. U is as fun and adventurous as the first Mario titles!


Download New Super Mario Bros. U to join Super Mario and other freaky cute beings once more!

Pros : Superb gameplay with a possibility of switching to other levels and complete bonus missions;
Smooth and easy control system;
Dozens of your favorite characters;
Retro soundtrack;
Unique challenges.

Cons : The designs may seem secondary;
Minor control glitches on Nintendo DS;
Challenges can get annoyingly difficult.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.8

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