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Meadow Review: Simulator of Carefree Animal Life

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Meadow is a peaceful multiplayer sandbox game about wild animals. You are offered to choose any species you like and jump into the vast world where all creatures live in peace. Developers call this title a gamified forum as you can communicate with other players using symbols, sounds, and emotions. You can download Meadow for Windows, Mac OS, and Steam Machine.

Graphics: 5

Meadow game has a very unusual design of characters and terrain. Developers used plates with patterns made of different textures and polygons. If you look at a plate closely, you see arrows, triangles, and parallelepipeds. It feels very weird at the beginnings, but soon you start seeing the beauty and stylishness of these virtual lands.

Gameplay: 5

Meadow gameplay offers you to explore the enormous open world where you can meet other players and interact with them. As developers say, this game is a forum for players, but there is no text or voice chat! You can communicate only using different emotions, universal symbols or animal screams, squeaks, twitter, roaring, etc.

This idea is extremely fun, as many random encounters require teamwork. You have to summon other animals to unlock obelisks and collect various objects. It’s a friendly universe. There are enough treasures for everyone, so you can take your game mates or random passers along to show them where valuables lie.

The further you progress, the more skins, commands, and emotions you unlock. You can change skins whenever you want. It allows you to take unicolor with your mates or to hide from annoying players. Sometimes it’s hard to say what do exactly expressions mean. It creates a humoristic effect.

Controls: 4.5

Meadow latest version doesn’t support gamepad controls, so you can play only using s keyboard and a mouse. Walking and running are done with standard WASD buttons. To select commands and emotions, you have to click on the icon in the lower right corner. You can also use the num-pad to activate basic emotions.

Replay Value: 4.5

During the test-play for this Meadow review, we discovered that you can play with other animals and team up to explore the world. The universe is so big that it seems impossible to explore it to the end. If there were no communication upgrades, the game would be rather boring for long playing.


Meadow is a picturesque indie creation with elementary gameplay and odd chatting system. It’s hard to explain why, but it can hold your attention for many hours. The cuteness of animals is off the scale. Every bird, bear, and badger is extremely adorable. Meadow is a unique place for friendly communication and cooperative exploration.


Download Meadow to get one of the most unusual animal life simulators. It’s a perfect place for making new friends.

Pros : Wide range of land animals and birds;
The unique design of terrain and characters;
Hilarious chatting options;
All upgrades for free.

Cons : No text or voice chat;
No map to look for your friends.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.8


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