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Lego Worlds Review - Welcome to the Lego Planet

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Professional Review

Lego Worlds is a construction game/RPG with infinite potential for creativity. You can erect even the most bizarre buildings, explore worlds, do mini-missions and quests and share your playing with your friends online. Downloading Lego Worlds will let you sculpt whatever you want, without having to worry if you have enough details!

Graphics: 5

Lego Worlds is about Lego indeed. Once you're inside this blocky paradise, you feel amazed at how alive the tiny plastic buddies are and how crafty they can get with their plastic stuff.

The game is very picturesque and eye-friendly and features a number of worlds:  Dusty Dunes, Dessert Dessert, Polar Plains, etc. All of them are intriguingly designed, stimulating both your imagination and curiosity to wander around, searching for adventures.

The Lego cities are a marvel in this game - you can't get away from an illusion that an actual construction toy somehow became alive. And now countless blocky cars, animals, munchkins move to and for down the blocky streets, surrounded by the blocky cottages, towers, and skyscrapers...

Gameplay: 4.5

Lego Worlds is divided into 2 parts:

  •         Exploration. Seemingly infinite worlds generate sporadically. and you get to interact with the NPCs who give various tasks: finding arch and bow, building a treehouse, hunting for treasure chests, stopping a troublemaker, etc. While travelling, you can earn golden bricks: they level you up and give you more powers over the Lego world. Also, they unlock such goodies as a jetpack.
  •         Building. You can scan every object in the Lego universe. And later use its "blueprint" to recreate the object in question: a helicopter, a wave of lava, fire truck, a cloud, spaceship and so on. You can sculpt structures, relying on your fantasy using copy-paste mechanics, or unlock more premade structure elements, to spur the progress. And not to forget about such a sweet tool as Coloring.

By the way, you travel between the worlds in a neat little spaceship.  

Controls: 3

The game's controls have a tendency for being shaky and dodgy. The problem is that when you're in the middle of building another skyscraper, later to be inhabited by pirates, you may put a certain detail in a wrong location. And it won't be your fault: somehow the editor always tends to miss a few studs, which may contradict your original blueprint ideas.

At least you can copy everything here, and any successful line can be just pasted as many times, as you need.

Besides Local multiplayer in Tabletop Mode isn’t possible on Nintendo Switch.

Replay Value: 4.5

If you're a Lego fan, you'll return to this game. Here your fantasy truly knows no bounds, and you can build the weirdest things that can only come to your mind. Or just explore the worlds non-stop.

The Bottom Line

This Lego Worlds review strongly advises you to install this game if you have a creative itch. And if Lego toys are your personal #1. It has a couple of rough edges, with textures loading slower than you expect, but still feels like a charming game.


Download Lego Worlds and the blocky fun will never end!

Pros : Lego aesthetics;
Build all you want concept;
Worlds to explore;
Powerful editor;
Cloud support.

Cons : Editor has some imprecision;
Graphics are imperfect;
Fiddly controls.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 3

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.3


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