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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor Review - Someone Scary Lives Next Door...

Hello Neighbor is a horror mystery game, with the puzzle elements. You go through three theatrical stages, investigating eerie secrets of your next-door neighbor. And they will be quite unsettling... Download Hello Neighbor and learn what horrors are hiding behind in his house.

Graphics: 4

Hello Neighbor will remind you of a Disney cartoon, something like Toy Story, Wreck-it-Ralph, etc. Squishy 3D models of characters and decorations and eye-friendly, bright color palette - they together create a strange happy atmosphere of an idyllic suburb.

But still, you can feel that there's something wrong. Perhaps, because there's almost no soundtrack: you move in silence, occasionally diluted by floor squeaks, door creaks, birds chirping, etc. Polished, cartoony visuals and bizarre, sometimes unearthly sounds... They won't fail to give you the creeps.

Gameplay: 4.5

So, you investigate the mystery of your neighbor's house. It'll take:

  •         A lot of stealth.
  •         Pickpocketing.
  •         Patience.
  •         Point-n-Click puzzles solving.
  •         Luck.

This game is pretty challenging: you can never predict what patrolling rout the Neighbor will pick the next time. You can barely run away from him, when he spots you, etc. But the real trial is the spookiness of the house, of course. Every room is like a parallel dimension, and you'll need to:

  •         Solve illogical puzzles.
  •         Run away from possessed mannequins.
  •         Search through Neighbor's stuff
  •         Somehow unlock the doors etc.

The game barely gives any hints or directions, this is why you must rely upon your own observations and deduction skills. Tip: listen to the sounds carefully, they are your secret guides. And they also let you know whenever he is near and give you time to escape/hide.

The Neighbor himself may seem to be awfully intelligent, and he'll always do his best to find you. But it's not that bad actually: he only remembers the last place, where he busted you. So if you make him run around the house a few times, he'll be patrolling there, while you can sneak in and do your biz.

Controls: 2.5

The biggest complaint people have about this game is its controls. They feel cumbersome and unintuitive and what's even worse conflicting. In other words, sometimes when you want to execute an action, you may do something else, like item throwing, by mistake.

Replay Value: 5

Hello Neighbor isn't the easiest title, but this is why it's tempting to be replayed. As you make it to another stage, his house becomes a more bizarre and gloomier place, getting extra rooms & dimensions. In the final stage, it turns into a diabolical fortress: a grotesque house + carnival fair. And you can't quit until you know: what on earth is going on here?

The Bottom Line

This Hello Neighbor review recommends the game to everyone with inquisitive minds, patience and mule's stubbornness. And if you get to the very end of this spooky fantasy, you'll be very proud of yourself. Plus its mysteries are very captivating.


Download Hello Neighbor and learn if he wanted to harm or protect you.

Pros : Pretty creepy;
Nice atmosphere;
Possessed mannequins;
You can experiment.

Cons : Illogical riddles;
Can barely outrun the Neighbor;
Clumsy controls.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 2.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.0

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