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Governor of Poker 2

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Governor of Poker 2 Review: Incredible Adventure for Virtual Poker Fans

Governor of Poker 2 is a legendary 2D poker simulator game by Youdagames. This title allows you not only to play Texas Holdem in an authentic Wild West setting but also to follow the exciting storyline. You play as an avid poker player who decides to prove that his favorite game is more than just entertainment for lucky ones. You can download Governor of Poker 2 for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. This game is also integrated into the Facebook web version as well.

Graphics: 5

Governor of Poker 2 game has a style of early ‘00s isometric action adventures like Desperados series. Poker matches are played from the third-person perspective. You can see all available card combinations and the number of chips from above. The animated audience always surrounds the table to supervise the fair play.

Gameplay: 5

Governor of Poker 2 gameplay presents a unique combination of the classic poker simulator and a fascinating spaghetti-western story. You play as a cowboy from Texas who lives in a fictional historical period. The Texas governor decides to prohibit any traveling within his state. He argues that Texas Hold’em is a stupid game of luck, but is ready to admit that he is wrong if someone will prove that the game requires knowledge and skills.

Your character is just one of the many avid players who are daring enough to start playing to return freedom. However, you can manage to become a big-time player and prove that this game should be a business card of the state.

There are two types of challenges, such as regular tournaments and matches of bounty hunters. Always consider the fact that all players are the same people as you. Of course, some of them are more experienced, but they still have emotions that indicate their real chances. Be attentive and there will no limits for your wealth! Buildings, farms, resources, small localities, and even big oil-producing cities are affordable for a wise player!

Controls: 5

Governor of Poker 2 controls are based on point-and-click guidelines. It means that you have to use only a mouse to move the cursor and select actions. In the touchscreen version, you have to tap your finger to make actions.

Replay Value: 5

The full walkthrough for this Governor of Poker 2 review took 4 hours. Though there are not many progress scenarios, it’s exciting to start the game again and again to gain poker excellence in the city of Texas and around the state.


Governor of Poker 2 is a great Hold’em simulator with exciting arcade features and a fascinating western plot. Poker simulation has never been so immersive before, so you have to try it if you are a fan of this legendary card game.


Download Governor of Poker 2 to get one of the best casual poker simulators so far.

Pros : Immersive casual simulator;
Multiple challenges are linked with a good plot;
You can win by reading other player’s emotions.

Cons : Not many players in multiplayer;
Some rules are neglected for artistic purposes.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 5.0

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