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Firewood Review: Cinematic 2D Horror Story

Firewood is a 2D psychological horror adventure game by Frymore game studio. It’s a dark story about an older man who lost his wife and couldn’t escape the memories of the past. He got back to the city to seek redemption and face mysteries of his young years. You can download Firewood exclusively for Windows PC on Steam.

Graphics: 5

Firewood adventure game is set in a gloomy 2D world. All graphics entirely consist of handmade pixel-art objects. The narrative is divided into colored reality and black-and-white pictures from the past. The aged-TV overlay creates an impression that you watch an old movie. Developers also managed to create an intense feeling of presence by playing with layers and lighting. Firewood looks holistic and perfectly matches the mood of the plot. Due to low system requirements, you can launch Firewood on low-end PCs.

Gameplay: 5

Firewood gameplay consists of traditional platformer features. It’s a side-scrolling adventure in which you’re allowed to explore locations horizontally. Unlike the majority of platformers, you don’t have to hurry and collect items. Instead, you’re supposed to look around attentively, read deep dialogues, and interact with objects in rooms in an unhurried manner.

Most of the gameplay time, you have to walk, collect clues, and solve quests. When you reach parts of memories, the game sends you to the past where you discover the long-forgotten older man’s things. Firewood is full of witty allegories, references, and mysterious characters talking about strange things. Your mission is to get explanations and reach a logic ending of this bone-chilling story.

Controls: 4

We tried to use a gamepad for this Firewood review because it’s a more convenient way to play platformers. Unfortunately, the game isn’t optimized for it. It’s available only for PC, so it’s not a big problem. Keyboard controls are good enough for playing without annoying moments.

Replay Value: 4

Firewood full game story length is just 1 hour. You can take different decisions while solving quests to change the course of events. As a result, you can extend your experience up to 2 hours. Firewood is worth at least a single completion, but there’s not much sense in returning to the game after that.

The Bottom Line

Firewood is a well-made interactive story with outstanding artworks and an incredibly deep plot. It’s a concise experience, but 1-2 hours is enough for the plot. It leaves slight ambiguity after the walkthrough but manages to awaken exciting thoughts within your mind. We think that everyone has individual questions about life and death after the walkthrough. It’s recommended to fans of dark depressive games and psychological horrors.


You should download Firewood if you like stories that can make you think about your life and feel moody.

Pros : Unique psychedelic experience;
Awesome style of arts;
Tricky quests;
Unusual script;
Low system requirements.

Cons : Very short gameplay time;
Available only for Windows.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

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