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Elena Review: Find Clues to Unlock the Mystery

Elena is a first-person game where you discover the story of a couple – Anna and Leonard. You assume the role of Anna and find the truth about her husband’s disappearance. Apart from the regular PC version, you can download Elena to play it with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

Graphics 5/5

For Elena, the visual part of the game is working to represent in detail a middle-class home where Anna will find clues to find Leonard. Anna and Leonard’s home reflects an ordinary setting where a young couple lives. But Leonard’s disappearance makes their house an essential key on the way to uncovering the truth and solving the mystery. Any gamer will enjoy every detail of the house from the appliance to the furniture. The setting, though simple, displays clues that add to the game’s excitement. And if you choose to play it in VR, it will stay in your memory for long.

Gameplay 5/5

Elena full game offers you an easy and simple objective – find clues inside the house. You can search for them inside drawers or picture frames. The hint of the mysterious caller is a big help in solving the great puzzle of the game.

The house is sufficient for you to find clues that you need. But Elena is more than problem-solving or mystery appreciation. There are no distinct puzzles in the game, so once you start playing it, you might think it’s not challenging at all. Some kind of a detective story of a husband’s disappearance will take you on a journey where you discover your identity, as well as Elena’s character.

The plain everyday setting takes you to the extraordinary task that leads you to many surprising discoveries. The feeling of displacement inside the house adds to the thrill and excitement that send you to unlock the mystery.

Controls 5/5

No matter which Elena version you choose to play, the controls are so simple that you won’t even notice them. You can use a mouse and keyboard, or you can put your VR glasses on and simply move across the house. Players can navigate easily inside the house, that enables them to find the clues they need. You organize the pieces of clues that lead you to other exciting parts of the house. Elena provides you many chances to enjoy the game and find Leonard.

Replay Value 3.5/5

Elena online game offers a unique gameplay experience for all players. The mystery in the game is an excellent reason for you to play the game, replaying is not that exciting though. The house serves as a large box of clues, but once you solve them one by one, the game is hardly replayable. Still, searching for clues may seem endless, and you would want to come back with a hope of finding out more. Discoveries await you in playing the game!

The Bottom Line

The game has tons of surprises for players who are eager to play a clever mystery-puzzle. Elena goes far beyond the ordinary concept of a first-person online game, so you would enjoy even playing it on your PC. With VR devices, however, it fully blossoms. Download Elena and get ready to solve the biggest mystery!


This is an excellent first-person VR game every gamer should try to play, so download Elena now!

Pros : Easy and natural controls;
Awesome immersive sounds and graphics;
Top-rate storyline;
All house items are related to the story.

Cons : Excessive repetitive detail;
The game doesn’t have inventory.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.6

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