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Astroneer Review: Discover Outer Space Like Never Before

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Professional Review

Astroneer is an adventure game, that is all about finding and colonizing new planets by building structures and finding resources. Put on your space suit and get going into the new and undiscovered world of outer space with the latest update of the game. The level of difficulty changes with each new planet. Download Astroneer and play it on Windows or Xbox One.

Graphics: 4

The Astroneer graphics are of great quality, and the developers are optimizing their level even more by each passing day. The graphics representation will also depend upon the type of your system: on systems with lower resolutions, the look of the game may be a bit grainy. One can also lower the graphics settings according to their system characteristics. So the whole installation process is flexible.

Gameplay: 4.5

The Astroneer gameplay is simple, but it has some of the most interesting twists and turns. The entire game is played through a third-person view where the player needs to move the astronaut character called Astroneer from one planet to another using foot or spacecraft/rover.

Every Astroneer review should begin with noting two major categories of activities performed by the Astroneer: one is crafting, and the other one is mining. In crafting spacecraft is fuelled with ammonium which turns to hydrazine, a powerful fuel source. Also, one needs to recharge the Astroneer using the poles on the ground by attaching oneself with a tether.

And in the second category of activity of the game, the Astroneer need to mine the resources on a planet, light up dark places and give shape to landscapes. Astroneer can die of many reasons like storm debris, collision, suffocation, etc.

The entire game has a single-player and a multiplayer mode in which 8 Astroneers can co-op together.

Controls: 4.5

Without any doubt, Astroneer is a simple game, and therefore its controls don't have many complications to them. One can easily use keyboard keys like W, S, A, D to move the Astroneer forward, backward, left and right, respectively. Also, one can jump the character by using the space bar, sprint by shift+left and use the bag by Q, and use any resource by F. These are only some of the controls but there are many others to be explored by pressing F1.

Replay value: 4

If you love sandbox adventure games, then Astroneer is definitely a game for you to play. And you will play it again if you get a good grip on the controls no matter if it's an Astroneer PC or Xbox One version you're playing. It is interesting because of its oxygen management challenges as one cannot go too far from the source. All in all, it is a relaxing game which can be revisited from time to time.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is an easy and straightforward crafting game with some challenges here and there. Some of the things that make Astroneer the right choice is the easy download Astroneer option available to the players. With smooth controls and easy to understand the gameplay, Astroneer is here to stay for long whether you like it or not. Although there are specific issues to be solved with further updates, it is definitely a good game for those who want to relax instead of giving themselves a headache with fast-paced games.


Looking for a good game with exciting content and new worlds to explore at every stage? Go for Astroneer and explore some planets!

Pros : Fun and relaxing game;
Enjoyable outer space visuals and crafting skills boost;
Fair pricing for a sandbox game;
Controls are easy to understand and master;
Good content for long plays

Cons : Graphics can get a bit grainy;
Sometimes the game might crash depending upon the system;
Can be laggy after prolonged gaming;
Multiplayer is still not properly developed.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.3


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