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A Hat in Time

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A Hat in Time Review - Way Ahat of You!

A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer, dedicated to the adventures of a girl, who desperately needs to repair her spaceship. She confronts local kooky mafia, meets moviemaking animals, travels on a bizarre train, the interior of which is bigger than its physical size. And also she collects magic hats. Download A Hat in Time to help the Hat Kid!

Graphics: 4.5

A Hat in Time is a 3D platformer with juicy colors and picturesque scenery. And of course flamboyant characters - so many of them you get to meet! There's a penguin, who impersonates Elvis Presley, a movie owl, crow goons in trench coats, berserk Moustache Girl, creepy Snatcher, and the Mafia Boss. He looks like a grumpy pizza chef.

The visuals have a few rough edges, but it doesn't stop them from being appealing and eye-friendly. E.g., the level in the clouds has the northern lights, sparkling stars, windmills, castle ruins, etc. In other words, the level-design here does everything to enthrall your imagination and create visual complexity, to impress you optically.

Gameplay: 5

You play as the Hat Kid - a girl, who travels in a spaceship, filled with pillows and cushions. She confronts the Mafia Boss one day, and as a result, her ship gets damaged, and 40 hourglasses that make it fly are lost. Your objective is to find them no matter what.

There will be such versatile elements as:

  •         Stealth. Sneak into the movie set where "human girls are banned for repeated owl harassment".
  •         Time-based fights.
  •         Puzzle-solving.
  •         Running & jumping.
  •         Boss fights. You'll have to teach Mafia Boss that being friends with others is nicer.

A major element is the hat collecting. First, you gather yarns to unlock them. And once another hat is in your possession, it can endow you with some special powers. E.g., Witch Hat allows you to swiftly make explosive potions, which can be thrown at the enemies like grenades.

Another collectible class includes the Badges. They grant you certain passive skills. One of them is the parachute that unfolds automatically and helps you to avoid the undesirable consequences of a poorly calculated jump.

Controls: 4

A Hat in Time's controls are decent and don't require much effort to master. What can be of a light vexation though, is the dodgy auto-camera - it may be unstable and make you temporarily "blind" to certain barriers, enemies, etc.

Replay Value: 5

The game features delicious visuals and very refreshing adventures of the Hat Kid. Replaying it once in a while won't be harmful at all. On the contrary: every level stimulates you to do some thorough exploration and odds are you left something cool undiscovered.

The Bottom Line

A Hat in Time is a charming platformer, with the cute heroine, put in the eye-caching setting. Plus it's seasoned with a good portion of sweet/dark humor and clever, ironic references. Our A Hat in Time review approves the idea of the Hat Kid migrating to your console.


Download A Hat in Time to help the Hat Kid repair her spaceship and punish the ill-mannered mafia!

Pros : Hat Kid is likeable;
Room for exploring;
A ton of hats to unlock;
Enchanting graphics;
Loony characters.

Cons : Camera is shaky at times;
Certain levels are a bit duller;
Some hats are hard to find.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.6

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