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60 Seconds!

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60 Seconds! Review - The Man of the Fallout Shelter

60 Seconds! is a very unconventional survival game with a unique sense of humor. In it you're given the role of a father of a family. And naturally your priority is to keep your wife and kids safe, should  a nuclear bomb drop on your neighborhood. Download 60 Seconds! if your think you can handle it.

Graphics: 3.5

60 Seconds! employs the cute comic book art style. The characters are very picturesque, capable of expressing frustration, discontent, fear and other emotions caused by a nuclear explosion on your block. But that style is used only when you finally lock up your close ones in the shelter.

Another part of the game, more active one, uses a little sloppy 3D graphics with a top-down view. They feel a bit harsh and unpolished and sadly getting stuck somewhere because of the engine going glitchy can sometimes sabotage your whole mission.

Gameplay: 3.5

The game is called 60 Seconds! because it gives you only 1 minute to find and grab whatever/whoever you can and bring them to the safe shelter. Scavenge for food, board games, a hunting rifle, batteries, radio etc. And of course don't forget your clan: grab a wife, sacrifice your chubby son to rescue the daughter or vice versa or grab them both if you're agile enough.

When the supply/family hunt is over, you get to manage your resources for as long as you can:

  •         Distribute water and soup among your folks;
  •         Tune in radio to catch transmissions;
  •         Fix the flashlight;
  •         Fend off the raiders, etc.

If you failed to gather enough of supplies or managed them poorly, your family will die one by one, turning into skeletons. Sometimes one of them can become a radioactive mutant, so there's a dosage of unpredictability in the game.

Controls: 3

Sadly 60 seconds! controls are undercooked and moving the persevering dad can be hard, even in handheld mode on Switch. He often bumps into the furniture and walls, even though you tried to avoid them the best you could. He may stop moving involuntarily for a second and then resume running. But that one second is everything for you.

Replay Value: 3.5

Although 60 seconds has certain technical issues, it's still enjoyable and captivating. There's a number of trophies to be conquered, a hope to let your family survive and also a bleak belief to hear the rescue signals over the radio. Sometimes gameplay leaves little freedom of choice, because your actions will barely affect certain events.

However this 60 seconds! review believes that it is a worthy survival-simulator. It has a nice, kooky sense of humor and a good thrill that a 1-minute rush can give.

The Bottom Line

60 Seconds! is recommended to all survival genre fans, who appreciate irony and grotesque sense of humor. Because scavenging & managing what little resources you managed to nick and also protect your beloved ones from the bandits is a considerable challenge. Strategy + indie humor + post-apocalypse meet together in this game. And harmonize nicely.


Download 60 seconds! to father a healthy, post-apocalyptic family!

Pros : Nice comic book visuals;
Strategic component;
Surprise elements.

Cons : Clunky controls;
Rough 3D graphics;
High difficulty.

Graphics 3.5

Gameplay 3.5

Controls 3

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 3.4

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