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Sims 4 Review - Let's Start a New Life!

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Professional Review

Sims 4 is a famous real-life simulator in which you can create a copy of your persona or an absolutely random character. You're not limited to designing just one Sim: have a whole family of them if you please. Give them career aspirations, dreams, shape their temper, choose clothing style and so on. Download Sims 4 for your console if you love fashion and architecting someone's destiny.

Graphics: 4

The Sims art style has remained loyal to its roots: the same 3D character models, with a plastic, Barbie-like vibe in their appearance. Only in the 4th volume of the franchise, they have dramatically evolved from low-poly textures to sharper, better and more realistic visuals.

Sims have more discernible and perfected facial expressions and subtle sound effects, which illustrate situations, actions, emotions and so on very adorable. Plus we have some new locations to explore: Willow Creek and Oasis Spring. And they look just glamorous.

Gameplay: 5

Your new life begins in the Create a Sim simulator. This is your creative laboratory, where you'll shape the personality of your new little munchkin:

  •         Looks. Skin color, hairstyle, facial features - make a Sim of your dream in other words.
  •         Body. Select any body shape: slim, athletic, extra large, etc.
  •         Walking style. Your Sim can move femininely, cockily or just comically.
  •         Voice. Design the unique tone of voice, by choosing age, gender, etc.
  •         Aspirations. Career goals, ambitions and golden dreams - now a Sim can have it all!

And then the life begins: earn Simoleons (money), purchase a house, marry other Sims, get nice furniture/decorative elements, buy fancy clothes, help your Sim get promoted or build a spaceport on your lawn. Also, you can always join a challenge: Rags to Riches, 100 Babies, Black Widow, Wolf Pack, etc.

Controls: 4.5

As our Sims 4 review has figured out, the game controls aren't annoying or pesky. Every action is assigned to a button/button combination. E.g., LB/RB pressed + Right Stick to help you rotate the objects, etc.

Replay Value: 5

Sims 4 has a virtually unlimited leeway for all the bizarre experiments you may want to try. You can build a dynasty, breed an army of hobos, organize a crime syndicate or become a 5-star celebrity chef. Meanwhile, there are hundreds and thousands of outfits hairstyle to try. Let alone you can redesign your home interior as many times as you want.

The Bottom Line

Sims 4 is a wonderful real-life simulator, in which you can make dreams come true, create scenarios or just have fun doing random stuff. If you love fashion, design, beautiful artistry and writing life scenarios - get this game on your console.


Download Sims 4 to design the life simulation of your dream!

Pros : Room for fantasy;
Nearly unlimited clothes and styles;
Sim's life aspirations;
Full character customization;

Cons : Window autoplacing doesn't work;
No cars to drive;
Little potential for decorating your lawn.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.6

Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the most trending games right now!
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