Mars Rover Landing

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Mars Rover Landing Review: Feel Yourself on a Real Space Mission

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Professional Review

Mars Rover Landing is a Kinect simulator game created with the support of the National Space Agency. In this simulator, you have to use your body to control spacecraft and the scientific exploration robot. To download Mars Rover Landing, you need Xbox 360 and the Kinect camera bundle.

Graphics: 5

Mars Rover Landing game has very realistic visuals and physics. Everything from the flight to the actual landing and installation of the Mars rover looks impressive. Brilliant camera work provides full immersion into the hard work of a NASA rover operator. All machines are created using the official NASA blueprints and guidelines. Space and planetary physics entirely rely on the real laws of locations.

Gameplay: 4

Mars Rover Landing gameplay relies on your interaction with the camera. Your mission is to conduct safety landing on the surface of Mars. The operation is divided into several elements. First, you have to control the transportation capsule. It’s engineered to go through the rough atmosphere layers to keep the rover safe. During the flight, you have to use your body to stabilize the capsule to keep it falling on the proper altitude.

Next, you have to deploy the parachute and unlock the shield to open the rover. When you reach the needed height, you can launch the jet drone that holds the robot. It’s the most crucial moment of the mission because you must ensure the soft touchdown. You can tune jets to change the location and height. When the Curiosity rover reaches the ground, you get the report about the state of all robot’s bundles. If everything is ok, the mission is successful.

Controls: 4.5

During this Mars Rover Landing review, we invited 5 people of different complection to test Kinect optimization. It worked out perfectly with kids and adults with different body type. There’s no other way to control the game, though. That’s why it’s unavailable for other gaming platforms.

Replay Value: 4

Mars Rover Landing full game offers you to play just a single operation. You can play it several times to achieve higher stats and win avatar skins, but there’s nothing more to do. Average landing time is 6 minutes. Unfortunately, developers don’t add new content.

The Bottom Line

Mars Rover Landing is a fascinating experience of conducting a realistic NASA space mission. On the other hand, it provides very short gameplay time, so you’re not likely to spend hours playing it. It has good educational influence as well. It’s impossible to film something like this on a camera, so this simulation is a unique opportunity to look at the operation closely.


Download Mars Rover Landing to try a role of the real NASA unmanned spacecraft operator and ensure the success of the USA’s Mars exploration program.

Pros : High-quality visuals;
Realistic Earth operator narration;
Simple Kinect controls;
Detailed mission stages with explanations.

Cons : It’s too short;
No additional content.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.4

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
Everyone recommends to play it!
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