Life Is Strange

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Life is Strange Review: Beautiful Cinematic Interactive Story

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Professional Review

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive adventure movie game by Dontnod Entertainment. In this title, you play as a young woman who has a supernatural gift to turn back time in short periods and change her decisions. You can download Life is Strange for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PS4, PS3, iOS, and Android.

Graphics: 5

Life is Strange game is designed with Unreal Engine 3.5 technology. Developers focused on camera work and the staged lighting, so the whole thing looks very cinematic during both gameplay and cutscenes. The depth of the image allows you to feel yourself inside the action and emphasize the heroine.

Gameplay: 5

Life is Strange gameplay is a combination of several mechanics. You have to explore linear levels where multiple events are scattered. You may either interact with everything to listen to what Maxine says or follow only the key events of the narrative.

Dialogues are usually interactive and provide you with several respond options. The unique feature is that you can to reel back time to try other plot development variants. It allows you to watch all possible consequences without the need to save and reload the game. Sometimes time jumps bring you to unexpected places, giving you a chance to avert something bad in advance.

Controls: 5

Life is Strange latest version for computers supports both keyboard/mouse and gamepad inputs. Due to the unhurried gameplay, there is not much difference between the controller type. The mobile version provides slightly different controls turning the whole game into a point-and-tap adventure. You have to tap the spots on the floor to walk and swipe the screen to change the camera view.

Replay Value: 5

Life is Strange full game is divided into 5 episodes that take over 8 hours. You have to pass them all to watch the entire story. Initially, they were sold separately, but now you can purchase the complete season. Every episode provides you with multiple choices that affect the narrative. You can replay each dialogue and quick-time event to try out different options. However, there are only two endings available. It’s very important to pass all episodes on a single device to synchronize saves as the story depends on them.


Life is Strange is a genial virtual artwork that combines excellent camerawork, good graphics, and an incredibly immersive story with deep characters. Playing the game for this Life is Strange review was like watching a AAA TV series. It’s hard to judge it as a game because it is a beautiful 3D graphics movie with interactive elements rather than a traditional game.


Download Life is Strange to experience one of the most significant interactive movies on the market.

Pros : A thrilling detective story that is worth a full-featured movie;
High-quality camerawork;
Superb lighting;
Time-reeling ability;
Characters are played by professional actors.

Cons : Strong teenage drama slant;
Many character cliches.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 5.0

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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