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Jeopardy! Review - A Trivia Game Night

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Professional Review

Jeopardy is a playable adaptation of the eponymous game show. It has visually an infinite number of questions and various topics and allows you to earn imaginary "dollars" for every correctly answered question. Download Jeopardy! if you feel like being a brainiac for a little while.

Graphics: 4

Objectively Jeopardy! has very little graphics to boast of. It simply consists of cards, screens and mono-colored backgrounds with some glitter/bursting bubble animations. From this perspective, it's safe to assume that Jeopardy! was partly designed in PowerPoint. At least it looks like a PP presentation.

However animations and navigation through categories and questions go pretty smoothly., After the game is on, you can hear the "announcer" saying "Correct!", "Indeed", "That's right!" etc. whenever you have a lucky guess. If your answer failed to meet her expectations, a disheartening "Wrong!" will be your only cold reply.

The game is nicely supported with the ambient music that helps you focus on thinking, especially during a live event.

Gameplay: 4

Jeopardy! is a trivia game that wants to ask you a lot of factoids. There are several game modes: Online, Play Jeopardy, etc. Whenever you've picked one, let's say an online game, you'll be thrown into a tournament with 2 other contestants. The question categories are infinite: Famous Quotes, Company Name Origins, Looks like Math, Science, Yearly Events, etc.

And the questions themselves can be surprisingly difficult, but sometimes they give you a hint. For example the complementary angles, according to Jeopardy!, "tell you how lovely and terrific you are". As soon as you're adamant that you can nail a question, hit the buzzer, when it appears on the screen. You'll be provided with three possible answers. Pick one - the card "What is (your answer)?" pops up. And if it was correct - an amount of $$$ goes to your winnings.

Controls: 5

The game is brainy, but isn't a brainer when it comes to controlling. For example, every possible answer is assigned to a certain button: Square, X, and Circle. And Direction Pad is responsible for navigation.

Replay Value: 3.5

Jeopardy! may prove to be a captivating trivia title for the brainiacs.  In case knowing a lot of stuff and having a good memory are your strong sides - playing Jeopardy! every once in a while would be a nice hobby for you. Plus you can win yourself an honorable place in the online leaderboard.

At the same time, it won't keep you busy for more than 1 hour max, especially if you're a casual player.

The Bottom Line

If you know a lot about ancient history, math & chemistry, Broadway shows, precious stones or semiaquatic mammals - this Jeopardy! review insists that the game might be right for you. Its stockpile of trivia questions is almost unlimited plus you can always compete with real people over the title of Jeopardy King. 


Download Jeopardy! for your PS4, if you have a thirst for dropping some of that knowledge!

Pros : A ton of questions;
Smooth responsiveness;
Good controls;
Ambient music.

Cons : No TV atmosphere;
Poor graphics;
Limited gameplay.

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.1

Everyone recommends to play it!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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