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Simulacra Review: Prepare to Unlock the Mystery

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Simulacra is an interactive horror game that uses a mobile phone interface. In the game, you will find Anna’s phone and find out why she disappeared. You will have to search for clues in the photos, messages, and calendar of Anna’s to find her.

Graphics 4.5/5

Simulacra full game has attractive graphics that add to the general authenticity of the game and the experience it brings. The portrayal of the actors and VO cast match the gameplay pretty well. As a result, reviewing Simulacra seems a lot like reviewing a full-scale movie. You would enjoy solving riddles and decrypting messages in an excellent rendering with high-quality graphics. Simulacra is a thrilling game thanks to great visuals it offers to players. Even if you’re stuck on one of the puzzles, superb visuals will keep you in your seat.

Gameplay 5/5

Simulacra allows players to explore the contents of Anna’s phone. From the messages to the apps, you can navigate the phone to solve puzzles and riddles. You will meet other characters in the game, such as Anna’s close friend Ashley or her former boyfriend Greg. You will also face different challenges that make the game awesome

objective is to know more about Anna so that you can find her. Players can enjoy playing the game for five hours. There are multiple endings to the game, and they all depend on which type of inquiry you choose.

Simulacra online game offers you hint buttons. The hints often don’t help you at all. But, the game still gives an engaging atmosphere that’s hard not to enjoy. In general, the game is worth playing, at least once.

Controls 5/5

Simulacra controls are easy to navigate and provide you comfortable gameplay. You can even use headphones to enjoy the game. No matter the task, Simulacra never stops providing you with creative gameplay. The navigation is essential for the enjoyable time you have while diving into Anna’s secrets. Simulacra offers total fun that meets the expectations of every gamer. So, download Simulacra now and try your Pinkerton skills in finding Anna.

Replay Value 5/5

The horror atmosphere and the eerie noises add to the terrific style of the game. As we mentioned above, there are several endings, so it’s necessary to try to get to all of them. Some of them lead to finding Anna, and others don’t... Simulacra gives every gamer the chills to solve the riddles and puzzles.  If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks looking for an excellent mystery game, Simulacra offer the best gaming experience. It also gives your gaming an entertaining an authentic aspect that most gamers would love to have.

The Bottom Line

Simulacra take you to a new level of excitement that’s beyond your expectations. Anna’s disappearance and the clues on her mobile phone provide mystery to the game. As a player, you would be eager and excited to decipher any message on Anna’s phone to get more clues. You also have a chance to meet other characters and learn something from them. Simulacra gets more enjoyable as you learn more about Anna and other characters on the way to solving the mystery!


Are you a fan of mysteries? Download Simulacra to find the missing Anna!

Pros : Unique gameplay experience;
One-of-a-kind narrative for the enjoyment of players;
Excellent characters;
Tons of puzzle and messages to decipher.
Amazing sound effects.

Cons : Graphics sometimes lacks depth;
Hint buttons don’t provide help;
Other characters serve as distractions.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.9


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