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Papers, Please Review: Be Ready to Check the Immigrants’ Papers

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Papers, Please is a challenging and compelling game that allows you to make sound decisions. In the game, your role is an immigration inspector who controls the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side. The platforms you can download Papers, Please for are Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Playstation Vita, and iOS.

Graphics: 4.5

Papers, Please have a pleasing graphics even if you’re only an ordinary immigration inspector. Anybody would enjoy playing the game as its set in full detail, and this Papers, Please reviewer is no exception. Besides, any control-freak and bureaucracy observer will appreciate the scrupulousness and detail of each document. The graphics is simple, but it suits the puzzle genre perfectly. Players who have played the game enjoyed its looks, and so would you.

Gameplay: 5

Papers, Please game offers you a challenging task to inspect the documents of people from Grestin and Kolechia. Some of the immigrants you would encounter are hidden spies, smugglers, and terrorists. You would use the information from the Ministry of Admission travelers to determine who can pass to Arstotzka.

Your work begins by reading the diktat that’s handed to you by your superior. Here, you would see details on the restrictions or changes in the immigration law. Then, you open the grille and summon the immigrants who hope to enter Arstotzka.

You would check their documents to make sure whether they’re qualified to enter Arstotzka or not. Visitors hand over their entry visa together with their passports. You check the documents correctly so that spies or terrorists wouldn’t enter Arstotzka. Every document check is a small puzzle, and the future of your country depends on you.

Controls: 5

Papers, Please full game has easy controls that provide you with handy navigation of the documents you have to check. You can press the alert button to check two pieces of information that you think don’t match. The accessible navigation also enables you to perform an in-depth check on the documents of the immigrants to determine the spy or terrorist. Whether you play Papers, Please on your iPad or PC, there’s no special tricks needed. The main controlling device here is your observation and logic.

Replay Value: 5

If you’re interested in how an immigration inspector works, the game gives you an idea of this risky and exhausting job. The game mechanics seem easy to understand, and it takes almost no learning curve, but the trick is you will always come back for more. Developing your critical thinking and logical skills with this game seems useful and satisfying, so you won’t get any remorse from playing it for days.

The Bottom Line

Papers, Please takes you to unique gameplay that’s well and understood and needs no learning curve. But you have to be prepared for the challenges that await. Checking if the passports and other immigrant documents are valid may require more strategical and logical thinking than it seems. If you make the wrong move, it affects or salary or your motherland safety. The exciting concept of the game adds to the thrill of playing it.


Download Papers, Please now and spend the next few months working on your logical thinking!

Pros : Simple and easy mechanics;
Amazing intellectual stimulation;
Immersive atmosphere;
Austere graphics.

Cons : Doublechecking documents may not be fun to anyone;
Graphics are a bit oldfashioned.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.9


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Very interesting singleplayer mode.
Everyone recommends to play it!
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