Assassinā€™s CreedĀ® III

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Assassinā€™s CreedĀ® III Review: The 5th Installment of The Best Parkour Game

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Assassin’s Creed® III is a 3rd person open world action-adventure game in a fictional historical setting. You play as Desmond Miles, who collaborates with scientists to travel through his DNA and figure out specific details of his ancestors’ lives to unveil Tamplier secrets and prevent the 2012 apocalypse. You can download Assassin’s Creed® III for Windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 5

Assassin’s Creed® III game is designed using the proprietary EnvilNext engine. It allowed developers to create a realistic terrain with incredibly detailed cities, rural areas, and oceanic missions. Dynamic shading, lighting, and cinematic camera work make this game look impressive.

Gameplay: 5

Assassin’s Creed® III gameplay includes elements of stealth, several exquisite combat mechanics, and parkour. The last technique is a unique feature of the series. It allows you to reach rooftops of any building, jump from them, and land in mows.

The fighting system allows you to use various weapons and perform melee attacks. You are free to choose the way to kill enemies. If you kill them quietly and hide corpses, nobody raises the alarm. Otherwise, enemies expose your position and start suppressing the fire. The chances to survive are low, but you can use combined attacks and hit enemies with one hand while shooting with another. The aim lock-on became fully automatic.

The cities of Boston and New York are surrounded by a vast forest terrain where you can hunt and participate in various random encounters. Trees, cliffs, and caves are perfect places for ambushes. For example, you can hide on a tree, and use the rope to hang unsuspecting enemies.

Controls: 5

The control scheme in this game series has always been a complicated thing. In this chapter, developers minimized the number of active buttons to achieve a provide a more pleasurable experience. Even though you can perform more actions than in previous games, it feels more natural.

Replay Value: 5

You can pass the story more of Assassin’s Creed® III full game in about 12 hours. It’s also exciting to explore the open world to discover various random scenarios and take part in random encounters. The hunting is also very immersive due to the variety of species and huge forests with different climate zones.


Assassin’s Creed® III is an outstanding chapter of the eponymous series. It is the first title to introduce separate using of weapons in each arm, and an advanced stealth combat system. The remastered version that was used for this Assassin’s Creed® III review also includes several significant gameplay and visual upgrades. It’s a must-have game for every fan of AC series and players who enjoy quality stealth.


Download Assassinā€™s CreedĀ® III to teleport to XVIII century colonial America and interact with real historical personalities.

Pros : 2019 remastered graphics;
Immersive pseudo-historical storyline;
Vast open world;
Multiple memorable historical characters.

Cons : Not many people are still playing multiplayer;
Some commands are difficult to perform.

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 5.0

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